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We are ready, are you?

At 5CA Privacy and Security is one of our primary concerns. We understand the importance of securing sensitive information and complying with any legislation we might be subject to. We aim to be up-to-date with the latest regulations not only to be compliant ourselves but to help our customers in their own road to compliance.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation deals with the processing of ‘personal data’ which is basically any personal information that by itself can identify a person, such as an ID or social security number but also data that in conjunction can identify a person, Thus, businesses processing any information from their customers who are located in the EU are impacted by the GDPR. Read more

What is CCPA?

CCPA stands for California Consumer Privacy Act, it is a new bill that was that introduces new rights for consumers as well as obligations for various companies that are collecting personal information from consumers who are residents of the state of California. However, it is being seen as the new GDPR for the US. Read more

To ensure and supervise compliance, we have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as well as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in-house. Working together with our data and IT teams, they make sure our privacy and security standards are of the highest quality and up to date. 
They not only implement the latest security measures, but they safeguard and update all procedures, documents, and programs while keeping everyone at 5CA up-to-date with compliance training.
Elif Tan

Elif Tan

Data Protection Officer

Aaron Stafford

Aaron Stafford

Chief Technology Officer

At 5CA, we take data protection seriously. This is what we are doing to ensure that we are compliant at all times:

1. compliance Culture

We’re creating a compliance company culture throughout all layers of our organization. By appointing a security team and continuously communicating the steps that are being taken we make sure that everyone at 5CA is aware of the importance of being compliant and understands how it impacts the way they work.

2. Training

We have trained all employees to ensure proper handling of customer data and customer requests:

  • Specialized training for agents detailing how to handle customer data and customer requests
  • Training focused on educating staff and management on how they can ensure that their teams are compliant
  • Exams to test whether all employees understand their training
  • Tailored compliance examples and real-life cases

3. Data Processing Agreements

To make sure 5CA and its clients work together on ensuring that our customers’ data is protected, we are creating Data Processing Agreements detailing all the obligations of 5CA and its clients and all the relevant provisions regarding data protection.

4. IT and Processes

Our IT infrastructure and tools are ready. These are the steps we have taken to ensure compliance:

  • Implemented appropriate IT measures to comply with our obligations as Data Processors.
  • Mapped out the information we hold & process per client.
  • Implemented procedures and assigned responsibilities to deal with data subject requests such as access, deletion, rectification, and data portability requests.
  • Set out procedures and assigned responsibilities to deal with a data breach.

Questions about data privacy and security?

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