Success Stories


“We knew we had big ambitions for player support for World of Warships Blitz as we were preparing for the launch. We realized as we were speaking with support vendors that the initial setup we had in mind would exceed our budget expectations by far. 5CA was able to find a way for us to deliver the experience that we had in mind, at a good price and the results surpass our expectations.”

Florian Blaesche

Director of Player Experience, Wargaming Mobile

“We have a true partnership with 5CA: Tier one agents working together with tier 2. The Team at 5CA has become an extension of Creative Group’s team.”


Saskia Budel

Customer Support Manager, Creative Group


“5CA has been able to cater to our needs successfully by being flexible and bringing a level of professionalism that was missing from our support operation. We’ve launched email support, we’ve launched social media support, we’ve launched Japanese languages support, and that’s only 15 months worth of time. We just keep coming back.”

Franko Fonseca

Customer Support Manager, Psyonix

“I would say that a key strength for 5CA is flexibility. Every time I have talked about making changes they’ve been able to find a way to do that. This makes it a super positive working experience for me.

I would recommend 5CA to anybody and I feel perfectly comfortable saying that. 5CA for me is a premium company. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for and for me it’s been a really fantastic working relationship.”

Rafn Herlufsen

Director of Customer Support Global, CCP Games


“5CA has been instrumental in offering customer support through social media, thereby extending Jabra’s reach over seven channels and thousands of existing and potential customers. The feedback and results have exceeded our expectations, and our customers can now receive the same standard of quality support regardless of their preferred channel.”

Martin A. de J. Hartvigsen

Senior Manager Global Technical Support, Jabra

“The fact that we can have this high quality service at an affordable price is of great benefit to GigSky, and I feel comfortable that – as we grow – 5CA will be able to accommodate that growth and help us to continue providing excellent support.”

Andrew Fryett

Director of Customer Advocacy, Gigsky