Case Study: How 5CA partnered with Creative

Group to scale customer support fast and

keep pace with company growth


Founded in 2012 in the Netherlands by two Dutch entrepreneurs, Creative Group was the first e-voucher website in the world. Today, they operate multiple brands in more than 130 countries.

In the last five years, they have disrupted several markets and have experienced rapid growth, adding numerous services through their offering of new solutions for the exchange of digital value.

growing pains

Creative Group continuously puts customers first by providing them the fastest and safest experience for the exchange of digital value such as gift cards, e-vouchers, and top-up codes. They already had a customer service structure in place, providing support in five languages with a shared inbox for their four agents.

This fast-growing startup began experiencing substantial commercial success and gained millions of customers around the world.

This growth made it challenging to reply quickly to customers. Their ticket backlog was increasing, and their erstwhile CRM system did not allow for the flexibility they sought.

Creative Group realized they needed a CRM that was a better fit for their needs and a customer care partner as flexible as themselves to quickly scale up their customer support.

A match made in heaven

In an unusual move, we managed to onboard Creative Group in just three weeks from the first contact. The onboarding process included access to our best-of-breed customer support tools, a fully trained support team of young geniuses, near real-time reporting on the KPIs that matter most, and a Client Service Manager who works day in and day out to make Creative Group’s customer services even better.

Integrating Creative Group into 5CA’s ecosystem meant implementing a new CRM system for them. This system afforded Creative Group the flexibility they were after, and it also allowed for in-depth insights and analytics. Using Power-BI, a data visualization tool, we were able to begin delivering usable operational information, such as reaction per case, contact ratio, and average first-time response, as part of our Service Level Agreement with Creative Group. Having access to these metrics and being able to dive into them allows Creative Group to make better informed strategic decisions going forward.

As a pilot for Creative Group, we started providing support via our proven work-from-home model, which quickly yielded positive results. Now, without being restricted by geography, Creative Group has access to our talented pool of agents from all over the world. 

We can now efficiently staff additional agents if and when their support volume increases. Working as partners, we now have a solid relationship focused on innovation and flexibility.

We have a true partnership with 5CA: Tier one agents working together with tier 2. The Team at 5CA has become an extension of Creative Group’s team.
Saskia Budel

Customer Service Manager, Creative Group

the results

With no intentions of slowing down, Creative Group continues to deliver a fast and safe experience for the exchange of digital value while maintaining user experience at the center of their operation.

Reduced ticket backlog


Advanced Customer Insights and analytics

Ticket backlog of 4 days to an average first reply time of 3 hours in business days.

A true partnership: Tier one agents working together with tier 2. We’ve become an extension of Creative Group’s team.

Access to our support tools ecosystem allowed Creative Group to go from basic to in-depth insights and analytics.

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