Customer Support Expertise

5CA has a long history in providing customer support for some of the most advanced and innovative industries, from video games to consumer electronics and eCommerce. This wealth of experience in the different industries has helped us develop a solid framework for delivering high quality customer support.

video games

We have supported video games since 2001, and nowadays roughly 50% of everything we do is related to video games. Our gaming-team is always up to date on the latest trends, innovations and changes in the gaming industry, through hands-on gameplay and regularly attending industry events. This makes sure that we are aware – first hand – of the current issues customers are dealing with, and as such, we are uniquely qualified to provide excellent player support.

Consumer electronics

The consumer electronics industry has been a key industry for 5CA since its foundation. Customer support is delivered on all stages of the product life cycle. Thanks to our broad technological expertise, our agents are trained in a variety of platforms and technologies, from computer to mobile and from wireless to Bluetooth – which allows us to do in-depth troubleshooting, solving the customers’ problems as quickly as possible.


The eCommerce industry has matured and 5CA has established tried and tested processes for providing customer support on behalf of eCommerce businesses. With online shopping, we realize the importance of providing advice to customers during their initial consideration process all the way through to guiding them through the buying process and supporting them after the purchase has been made.


When your business is just starting out, it can be difficult to provide your customers with the support that they want, especially if your customer base is global. Going global means delivering support around the clock. 5CA helps startups build support processes and procedures from the ground up, professionally and efficiently.