Ecommerce Customer Service


Make a great first impression

The customer experience in eCommerce is built around self-service. This means that any customer service experience becomes incredibly important in helping to build customer loyalty during those rare personal interactions. Building a great eCommerce customer service experience for your customers from the ground up requires tools, a thorough understanding of the customer experience you’re offering, and finding and hiring the right people for the job. If you’re looking to create a great customer service experience but lack the time, capacity, or expertise, 5CA can help.

We offer global, 24/7 and multilingual eCommerce customer service and self-service solutions for your online business. Reach out to start a conversation about how 5CA can help you deliver a great customer experience.

Omnichannel & multilingual ecommerce customer service

eCommerce businesses, like any businesses operating on the internet, cater to a wide range of customers of different nationalities, in different time zones, speaking different languages.

The online store never closes, so the customer support challenge for e-commerce businesses is to provide great customer service for all of those customers, regardless of the time of day or the language.

Few things are more frustrating for your customers than having to explain the same issue multiple times to different people, using different channels. To keep customer satisfaction high regardless of the support channel, an integrated omnichannel system is essential, allowing customer cases to be tracked regardless of the channel used, or the support specialist they’ve spoken to.

5CA specializes in omnichannel, multilingual eCommerce customer service. We have a wealth of experience in managing various support channels including live chat, email, phone, and social media. We’ve integrated each of these support channels allowing us to provide a consistent support experience across all channels.

We work with support agents from all corners of the globe, providing us access to near-native speakers in any language. So whether you are looking to offer support in one language on one channel, or a variety of languages across multiple channels, 5CA can be the partner for you.

eCommerce & Self-Service

eCommerce customer service is built around self-service. In an ideal situation, customers are able to choose and buy a product, and have it delivered without ever requiring human intervention.

In eCommerce, customers expect this same self-service convenience to be extended to the customer support process.

In practice, this means your customers benefit greatly from a dedicated eCommerce support portal and knowledge base, including frequently asked questions about your services and the products you sell, troubleshooting guides and audiovisual instructions.

We have built support portals for numerous clients and we know that providing high-quality self-service resources can make a huge difference in the customer experience.

Focusing on building a solid, robust, and well-structured set of self-service options for customers is a win-win. You save time and money when customers can help themselves, and your customers can expect a fast resolution to their support inquiry.

To get you started, have a look at this article including tips and tricks for building the perfect FAQ page.

ecommerce support services

In the pre-sales stage, we help your customers by providing product advice and answering any questions your customer might have, making sure they’re confident in their purchase decision.

ecommerce customer service

Some customers might require assistance during the purchase stage, They might have questions about billing, warranty, or delivery. Our agents can provide answers on your customer’s preferred channel.

self-service for ecommerce

After the sale has been made we can help your customer answer any questions they might have about their order, the delivery, or the features and functionality of the product they’ve bought.

warranty support for ecommerce

We have experience in handling the entire warranty management chain. Our agents can help your customers with any questions surrounding warranties and returning or replacing defective products.

Make reviews work for you

In eCommerce, Reviews have a big impact on your bottom line. As many as 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. While positive reviews can help boost your sales, negative reviews provide a unique opportunity to engage with a disappointed customer and convert them into a loyal customer, while simultaneously showcasing your great customer service to your prospective customers.

Check out this article on the benefits of responding to online reviews.

At 5CA we can quickly respond to your customers’ reviews and help resolve issues on a number of platforms including Amazon, Google Play, and the Apple App Store.

Get actionable insights

What gets measured gets managed. At 5CA we’ve built an advanced analytics platform that we use to provide our clients with actionable insights into their customer inquiries. Using this platform we provide reporting on our own performance as well as granular, real-time customer service data including:


  • Which products / services do customers experience issues with
  • Which specific product issues customers encounter
  • How satisfied customers are with the way their case is resolved (CSAT or NPS)