Mobile Game Support


Customer support for mobile games

5CA offers global, multilingual and cost-effective mobile game support services via in-app, email, chat, phone, and social media.

in-app mobile game support

In-app support

The vast majority of users delete an app only mere days after installing it for the first time. This is why providing great customer support to your mobile players is of paramount importance to keep them coming back to your game.

To create a player experience that is both efficient and user-friendly, in-game support is the way to go. 5CA works with helpshift to build the customer service platform right into you game. From your mobile app, users can submit a ticket directly, signaling one of our support specialists to resolve the case within no time.

mobile game self-service

FAQ & Helpdesk

Not every player question needs a personal response. Successfully identifying those frequently asked questions and compiling them in a self-service knowledge base can go a long way towards reducing your mobile game support volume and – by extension – your costs.

5CA builds your knowledge base and keeps it up-to-date, making sure that your customers can easily find and access the information they need.

multilingual mobile game support
Multilingual player support

Personal contact with your players in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and many other languages

In-app game support
In-app player support

We build your customer service channel right into you app for an efficient and user-friendly player experience.

mobile self-service

5CA compiles your customers’ frequently asked questions and build your knowledge base from the ground up.

customer support analytics

Get real-time insights into your player’s questions and support cases to implement continuous improvements.