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End-to-End tech support for all devices

With 20+ years of experience providing customer support services, 5CA offers outsourced technical support for consumer electronics companies around the globe:

Outsourced technical support

We love complexity

The consumer electronics market is booming. Devices – big and small – are everywhere and deeply rooted in our lives. As tech advances further, devices grow in complexity. Luckily, that is where we shine. Our technical support agents love complexity, the more features the better.

We get to know your products inside and out, familiarizing ourselves with them completely so we can provide the best outsourced technical support to your customers, whether they are consumers or professionals. For our highly-trained agents, no question is too technical.

tech support for consumer devices

Complete customer experience

We help to create an effortless customer experience throughout all pre- and post-sales stages. Customer support starts before the purchase is made. We can assist your customers in their purchase decision by providing advice on which devices suit their needs and by taking away any concerns they might have.

After the purchase is made we provide technical support for anything regarding device issues, billing questions, or warranty. To streamline the process for your clients we can integrate your systems with ours, creating a shipping label or RMA request with the click of a button.

Outsourced technical support systems

Interactive Intelligence

The PureCloud telephony platform allows us to integrate phone support and contacts from other channels into a single, manageable and user-friendly platform.


Our Zendesk platform provides an intuitive interface for our agents for all text-based interactions. It also offers easy integration with our client’s applications and the option to build and maintain a support portal.

CX Social

CX Social is our Social Media tool, allowing us to seamlessly track customer interactions across different social media channels. We’ve built an integration with Zendesk, which ensures that we can manage and oversee all customer interactions.

Power BI

Our PowerBI reporting environment consolidates data from all our systems  providing you with real-time actionable statistics. We report on volumes, service levels, KPIs and product-specific issues, giving our clients both a real-time overview and historical trend of their customer support data.

wearables, home automation, and everything in between

We have a proven track record providing outsourced technical support for some of the leading players in the Consumer Electronics industry. From basic troubleshooting of a headset to diving head-first into the advanced settings of a wireless router, or helping your customers set up their home security system, our support team helps your customers solve any issue.

Throughout our years of experience, we have gained valuable experience working with manufacturers of all sorts of devices ranging from televisions, headphone, gaming peripherals, wearables, phones, tablets, computers and computer hardware, and networking devices and security cameras.

Over the years we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about managing all the knowledge related to troubleshooting procedures and arranging the logistics in terms of product returns, warranty issues, and repairs. So whether you’re a big player with established support processes in need of extra capacity, or you’re just entering the market and looking to build your customer support from the ground up, 5CA is the right partner for you.

content development

Content plays a key part in the customer support process. High-quality content delivered through the right platforms ensures our tech support agents get to know your products inside and out.

The same content can be leveraged to help your customers troubleshoot recurring issues or find the answers to frequently asked questions. Making this information available to your customers can prevent then from having to contact support altogether, drastically reducing your customer support expenses.

At 5CA, we develop training and knowledge base content based on our clients’ needs, always keeping the end-user in mind. This content takes the form of video, photography, interactive manuals, 360° photography, animation, and animated GIFs.


Flexible & Scalable

Providing excellent consumer electronics support can sometimes mean having to scale up quickly when new products are launched. Our support model is flexible and scalable. We have the capacity and agility to quickly adapt to your changing tech support needs.

We work with a large pool of flexible professionals, allowing us to rapidly and efficiently respond to any increase or decrease of your customer support volume. Our pricing models are based on a Pay-Per-Use concept, which ensures that you don’t pay for things you don’t need.

Our distributed network of customer support agents allows us to recruit new talent quickly and effectively anywhere in the world.

Flexible outsourced tech support
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