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Level up your player experience

5CA offers global, multilingual and cost-effective video game support services for publishers and developers in the video games industry.

A passion for gaming

5CA has a long-standing love affair with the gaming industry. Since our foundation in 1998 we have worked with many clients in the gaming industry, both market leaders and smaller publishers.

We provide video game support for all game types regardless of platform or genre. From MMO to FPS and from PC to console, VR, and mobile game support, we have it covered.

Gamers are one of the most demanding groups of customers. They play games around the clock and expect video game support to be available at any time, in their own language, on the channel they choose.

With nearly 20 years of experience we fully understand the specific requirements of companies in the gaming industry.

Different games, different channels

No two games are the same, and each gaming company has its own preferences in terms of support channels.

At 5CA we deliver video game support through the following channels:

video game support channels

video game support services

Player Experience

Our video game support teams help create an excellent player experience, from support on traditional support channels to connecting to your player base by moderating your game’s community and giving you insights into your players’ wants and needs.

video game troubleshooting


No matter how well-designed a game is, there is always the possibility of technical issues when running it on a wide variety of hardware platforms. Our video game support agents are well-equipped to resolve those issues to your players’ satisfaction.

video game billing & payments

Billing & Payments

Your players may buy your game digitally, purchase additional DLC, or get upgrades through microtransactions. Our agents can help your players if they have any questions  or issues related to billing or payments.

Shared or dedicated resources

Shared resources

We can work with both shared and dedicated resources. Our shared agents are trained to work on multiple projects at the same time. This allows them to use their time most efficiently, while you only pay for the time they spend working on your project.

Working with shared resources means you have access to a large pool of skilled people, covering a wide array of different languages and time zones at a fraction of the cost of dedicated resources.

Having said this, for high-volume projects we also offer the option to have a dedicated team, or a hybrid set-up which combines dedicated and shared resources. It’s all about optimizing coverage, which is what 5CA does best!

we help your players help themselves

Gamers are some of the most tech savvy customers. When they encounter any issue they’re likely to try and solve it themselves so they can keep playing as quickly as possible.

Next to assisting players directly, we help our clients to build and maintain a complete set of self-service options. When applying intuitive and up-to-date self-service options, you can help customers faster while reducing the need of having to contact support. 5CA provides both the technical framework and the knowledge to realize this, enabling our clients to offer a complete, but highly efficient set of customer support channels, which optimizes the time needed to solve issues and reduces incoming support request.

In addition to written content, video is one of the most effective ways to convey knowledge. Our content team creates instructional videos to explain any issues or procedures to your players.

Flexible & Scalable

Our customer support model is flexible and scalable. We have the capacity and agility to quickly adapt to your changing video game support needs.

We work with a large pool of flexible professionals, allowing us to rapidly and efficiently respond to any increase or decrease of your customer support volume. Our pricing models are based on a Pay-Per-Use concept, which ensures that you don’t pay for things you don’t need.

Our network of game support agents allows us to recruit new talent quickly and effectively.

Flexible video game support
video game support recruitment

We recruit gamers

No one understands gaming better than gamers. We find and recruit people as passionate about gaming as we are. Combining this with our strict selection criteria looking at customer service skills, we create the right balance between knowledge of games and an ability to deliver great customer support.

Our agents speak the same language as your players.

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