Customer Support Technology


Human-driven, technology-enabled

We believe in using the best that customer support technology has to offer to create an experience that is effortless and reduces friction for both consumers and our own agents. Using years of experience we have built a solid ecosystem based on the latest technology in communications, customer relationship management, and business intelligence. Within 5CA, technology serves a single purpose; to provide a satisfying customer experience at every touchpoint.

Zendesk customer support technology


Zendesk is our CRM of choice for all customer-facing activities. We use Zendesk as our core ticketing system and provide consultancy services to help you set up your knowledge base, support sites, and workflows.

Interactive Intelligence


Genesys’ PureCloud platform forms the basis for our communications. We use this cloud-based platform to route and answer contacts across all channels, including calls, emails and chats.

CX Social

CX social

CX Social by Clarabridge is our single platform for social media support services. We use CX Social to provide support to customers on any social channel – be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or even Amazon – all from a single interface which provides efficient workflows and detailed analytics.

Power BI

Power BI

We use the Microsoft Power BI suite as a visualisation layer on top of our data warehouse, where we combine data from more than 20 systems. The data visualised in Power BI serves as a real-time, always up-to-date source of operational information and allows our clients to have access to current support metrics.




Helpshift is our tool of choice for any mobile game and  in-app support needs. Using the Helpshift platform we are able to provide high-quality support to mobile players without them having to ever leave our clients’ apps.




Scorebuddy is our tool of choice when it comes to all things Quality Assurance, allowing our agents to view their scores as well as score themselves, leading to continuously improving performance.