Omnichannel customer service


When it comes to customer service, delivering an effortless customer experience is key. Depending on the demographics of your customer base, they have their own channel preference, whether that’s phone, email, chat, social media, self-service, or even virtual reality. To cater to all those customers, we believe in offering a omnichannel customer service, helping customers on the channel they prefer, in their own language, at a time that’s convenient for them.

Automatic contact distribution

To create an effortless experience for our customers and our own agents, we route all customer interactions through an advanced automatic contact distribution system. This system automatically finds an available agent who possesses the appropriate skills to handle the customer’s request. This way of working provides customers with a fast and efficient way of resolving their problem and allows for truly efficient omnichannel customer service.

Omnichannel customer service

Phone support

Phone support is the backbone of our company. The foundation of phone support is our telephony platform, powered by Interactive Intelligence. Because technology keeps evolving, we continuously keep developing the set-up of our telephony platform. By collaborating with our partners, 5CA has set up an innovative platform that is state-of-the-art. This not only allows the services to your customers to be provided smoothly, but also offers a complex automatic contact distribution system, allowing for phone calls in all the different languages to be assigned and handled as quickly and efficiently as possible, reducing wait times and improving the service level for your customers.

Phone support
email and ticket support

Email/ticket support

The most basic and most commonly used form of contact is e-mail. To make e-mail support as efficient as possible, for both the agent and the customer, simple but powerful tools are used. Our innovative ticketing system (Zendesk) allows tracking your customer across all channels: no matter if their first contact is via phone, the second via chat and the last one via email, we are aware of the problem, and every step the customer has taken to solve it so far. As a result, 5CA is always able to provide the precise answer the customer is looking for.

Chat support

Chat support has grown tremendously in popularity powered by the low cost of chat applications accessible to anyone and the high level of convenience it offers to customers. In eCommerce, live chat can be a powerful pre-sales tool and can be used to give advice to potential buyers and help them find the product or service that’s right for them. In the after-sales stage, chat can be used effectively to answer simple support questions about the functionality and features of your product, or the whereabouts of orders.

chat support
social media support

Social Media

Social media has become a prevalent customer support channel. Currently, 70% of social media users expect brands to respond to their support inquiries on social.

Redirecting customers away from their chosen support channel is one of the worst service experiences possible, forcing them to interact in a form they didn’t choose. By offering social media support, you service a different type of customer that is not always willing to use traditional channels.


The current generation consumers is tech-savvy and pro-active. When confronted with an issue they are very likely to try and find the answer to their question online before even thinking about contacting support. To cater to those customers, we recommend building extensive customer self-service solutions to give your customers the tools they need to help themselves.

Not only will this lead to more satisfied customers, you will also save costs, Every customer capable of resolving their issue, is a customer that doesn’t need to call, email, chat, or contact you on social. At 5CA, we offer a complete self-service package consisting of:

  • FAQ pages
  • Support portals
  • Video tutorials

Together with our clients, we determine which materials are readily available and which materials could benefit our clients and their customers.

virtual reality customer support

Virtual Reality

Customer support is best when it’s effortless. Providing support to your customers from inside your virtual experience means they’ll never have to leave the experience or fumble with any of their gear.

While Virtual Reality customer support sounded like a distant dream just months ago, it’s completely possible right now. Curious? Contact us here for a live demo.


Mobile apps

The mobile app landscape is changing constantly. This means customer support channels need to be constantly expanded to suit the needs of the consumer.

Our support ecosystem allows us to integrate customer communications from a wide variety of instant messaging apps and mobile games, letting customers communicate with your brand on a platform they’re used to and comfortable with.

mobile apps