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News & Insights

Articles, advice and how-to guides to help you deliver an excellent customer experience for your global customers.


Digital (mis)communication

A lot of people are currently being thrust into the murky waters of communicating purely via different apps. It’s dangerous. I’m Australian, and to me the perfect analogy would be diving head-first into a muddy river on a scorcher of a day.

After the crisis, what is the future for work from home strategies?

Many management consultants and business experts are advising executives to move their workforce home with laptops until the crisis is over. What they are not saying is that this is now business as usual - the new normal.

#PlayApartTogether: gaming is helping to maintain good health during self-isolation

The World Health Organization and almost every national government has encouraged everyone in non-essential roles to stay at home. With millions of people in self-isolation, there is a real need to ensure these people have something to do.

Culture and community are essential for a successful work from home strategy

Companies across the world are facing an unprecedented wave of disruption at present. One of the specific outcomes from this is that many people are suddenly working from home. Many have no experience working away from the office and so the business journals are full of tips on how to make it work.

Are you ready to embrace the new economy?

Companies across the world are finding their business extremely disrupted at present and it looks like things may get worse before they get better. During this time there has been a strong focus on the need for people to work from home...

How working remotely has allowed me invaluable time with my son

“I’m on break, it’s my turn to hold him!” This is just one statement many fathers don’t get to say to their significant other as they usually do not have home based job...

Pulling apart the myth that work can only be done in one place

I have to say, the first time leading a team without ever being in the same room is quite a unique and unsettling experience in the first few weeks...

How working from home allowed me to eat in the world’s best restaurant

I have to say, the first time leading a team without ever being in the same room is quite a unique and unsettling experience in the first few weeks, but I have found that it makes you work a lot on your communication skills...

International women’s day at 5CA

International Women’s day is here and we would really like to give it the attention it deserves. That is why we’ve asked Recruiter Ivana Bera, Senior Agent Ana Morazán, Traffic Controller Cinandi Botha and Administrative Assistant Sera Ozerinc to answer 5 questions...