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Customer support is one of the few department which is in contact with customers on a daily basis. Customer support analytics can provide extremely valuable insight into your customers’ needs & wants, but often there is no integrated approach to reporting. Using our 20+ years of experience, we built our own analytics platform to provide real-time, in-depth information about support metrics and your customers’ issues and inquiries. We believe in transparency, openness, and keeping our clients in the loop.

See the fully interactive & clickable demo below for an example of the insights you can expect from us.

the benefits of analytics

customer support analytics
Service level performance

Current, updated statistics about service level adherence

customer issues overview
Customer issues overview

In-depth analysis of the specific topics and issues your customers are faced with

support volume analytics
Support volume breakdown

Analysis of customer support volume per channel, region, and time of day

custom customer service KPIs
Custom KPIs

We develop custom reports on the KPIs that matter most to you

Providing customer support for a variety of clients implies using a wide array of tools and systems. We collect data from these systems and consolidate that data in our data warehouse.

Customer feedback is of tremendous importance to any business. We provide you with comprehensive reports on all of our customer support activities so you never miss out on valuable information. Using powerful online reports and dashboards, 5CA gives its clients invaluable insight into key performance indicators and product-related statistics. With the ability to adjust data and graphs real-time, including either historical or current data, support can start providing extremely useful analyses to other departments like product development and marketing.

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Customer Support Analytics