Call center services in 20+ languages


With nearly two decades of experience, 5CA offers call center services for companies in the consumer electronics, video games, and e-commerce industries.

outsourced call center services

Outsourcing your call center is much more than hiring an off-site team to pick up the phones and handle customer questions. There is a lot that comes into play when you start a partnership with an external customer service provider. We’re talking about quality management, training, escalation,  and services optimization. We see outsourcing not as passing off the work to a third party, but rather as teaming up with an expert to create a long-term partnership built on delivering excellent customer experiences.

Our call center services include:

Call center services
Quality Management

Monitoring, evaluation, and continuous improvement of customer services

Call center training

Continuous training of support representatives to ensure they have the lastest knowledge

Customer escalation management
Escalation Management

Management and follow-up of any customer issues that need to be resolved by a client-side representative.

Call center services optimization
Services Optimization

Our client service managers develop and propose new initiatives to improve customer service quality and help bring optimize our services.

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Global Contact Center

5CA operates globally and can cover 20+ languages, so wherever your company and your customers are located, 5CA can help out. Our contact center is open 24 hours per day meaning we can pick up the phone no matter the time zone your customer is in. If you want to provide great customer support in your customer’s language at their preferred time, contact us using the form below.

Technical support outsourcing
Technical Support

We help your customer troubleshoot the technical nitty-gritty.

Customer service
Customer Service

We help your customers with any customer service questions, whether they want to know when their order will arrive, or how they should start an RMA procedure.

pre sales customer support
Pre-sales support

We help your customers figure out which products are perfect for what they need.

From call center to contact center

At 5CA we prefer the term contact center to call center as the tasks of an agents are much more varied than only taking phone calls. On a normal day, an agent can handle a customer chat, followed by sending an email and then responding to a tweet.

Customers use a wide variety of communication channels and we have made it our mission to help those customers on the channel they choose, to give them an optimal customer experience. This means 5CA is perfectly equipped to handle your:

  • Chat support
  • Email support
  • Social media support
  • Ticket form support

Call center services pricing

Customer service does not have to break the bank. 5CA works with a pay-per-use model. This means that our clients are only charged for the minutes that our agents are actually helping their clients. This means that you do not pay for agent availability at all provided that you meet the minimum required volume requirements. Interested in learning more? Request a price quote here.