Email Support Outsourcing


Too many emails and not enough time?

Email is one of the most often-used forms of customer contact and for good reason. Email is one of the more cost-effective channels, it doesn’t require an immediate answer, and most customers are comfortable using it as a channel.

5CA provides email support outsourcing for a wide range of clients from the video games, consumer electronics, and eCommerce industries. Our cloud-based Zendesk instance allows us to quickly bring new clients onto the system and efficiently scale our support operation up and down, creating an effortless customer experience for your customers. Email support outsourcing allows you to provide support around the clock, even on weekends and holidays without breaking the bank.

We integrate our email platform with any other channels your customers use, so it doesn’t matter whether a customer called first, tweeted second, and finally sent an email. We’ll always have a full case history. We understand that the best way to improve customer service is to look at the whole customer experience so next to email support outsourcing 5CA also offers:

  • Phone support
  • Chat support
  • Social media customer service
  • Building and maintaining self-service portals, knowledge bases & FAQs
  • Customer experience optimization


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When it comes to creating a tailor-made and efficient customer experience, the right tools are paramount. Our email support tool of choice is Zendesk. We can integrate with our clients’ existing Zendesk instance or bring our clients onto our systems to reap all the benefits of Zendesk’s personalization capabilities, workflows, canned responses, etc.

custom email support outsourcing
Custom solutions

Email support outsouring custom built to fit your requirements and match your brand perfectly.

multilingual support
More than 20 languages

Customer support in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other languages.

24/7 email support
24/7 email support

Customer support around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

email support analytics
Advanced analytics

Always stay in the loop with advanced analytics about your outsourced email support