Inbound Contact Center


The core of our 5CA’s business is providing inbound contact center services. With nearly 20 years of experience in inbound customer contact, we have built an optimized and efficient process to handle contacts from different channels, in different languages, but still doing so in a cost-efficient way.

Inbound contact center
Inbound Contact center

Providing global, 24/7, multilingual services to assist your customers with any questions they have. Phone, e-mail, chat, social media, we have it covered.

Escalation procedures
Escalation Management

Management and follow-up of all cases that need escalation to higher level support, ensuring that all customers receive a satisfactory answer as soon as possible.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Checking and reporting on a diverse set of quality standards, which is utilized to optimize our performance and underlying processes.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Measurement of customer satisfaction metrics, usually done by web surveys, providing insight into your customers’ needs and their willingness to recommend your product to others (NPS).

inbound contact handling

5CA’s strength lies in handling incoming contacts across different channels, in a variety of languages, at any time of the day. We believe in bringing together the right combination of people and technology to create an optimal customer experience.

When working with 5CA, you can make use of an experienced team of support agents, well-trained to handle any issue your customers bump into. Armed with a comprehensive knowledge base, a solid training & coaching structure and supported by Senior Support Specialists for any cases that need special attention, our team handles all incoming customer requests.

To optimize our inbound contact center processes, we’ve built an advanced Automatic Contact Distribution system which automatically finds the right agent based on their skills and matches them with your customer. This system ensures a low response time and fast case handling.

It is 5CA’s goal to handle as many contacts as possible within our team, to optimize First Contact Resolution (FCR) and decrease the pressure on Tier 3 Support staff of our clients. However, when cases need escalations, we are on top of these cases to ensure that we don’t keep customers waiting.

It’s needless to say that we take quality very serious. We have an internal Quality Assurance team, who work closely with our project teams to monitor a sample size of all contacts we handle and make sure that all agents receive coaching & feedback about their work on a regular basis, so we can continuously work towards optimizing our services.

At least as important is the voice of the customer, which is measured by Customer Satisfaction surveys, usually sent out when a support ticket is closed. The combination of QA, CSAT results and consequent analysis gives us the right set of tools & information to work with our clients to optimizing Customer Experience.


If customer cases do need to be escalated, we manage these escalations using documented procedures agreed upon with our clients to make sure we never lose track of any case.

Quality Assurance

We record all customer interactions and we perform regular checks to make sure that our service quality is up to par. Together with our clients, we develop Quality Assurance guidelines, providing full transparency into how we evaluate and judge the quality of our interactions.

Customer Satisfaction

Depending on your requirements, we can implement a number of measurements to gauge customer satisfaction. These measurements provide our clients with insights into customers’ overall sentiment about their products or services, the quality of our support and underlying procedures.

Pay-per-use pricing

The traditional pricing structure in customer support is based on FTEs, where you pay for the time customer support agents are available, irrespective of incoming volume. We believe that this can be done much more efficiently, so we are introducing pay-per-use customer support. Pay-per-use customer support means you don’t pay for support agents’ availability, but the actual work they do.

 1. pay for what you use               

pay-per-use pricing

Pay based on actual work done, including handling contacts and other tasks, such as escalations, content creation and project management.

2. Full transparency

pay per use customer support

Full visibility into support metrics with our online analytics platform. Transparent reporting means you always know what’s going on and how your invoice is built up.

3. Scalability

scalable customer service

Scale up and down fast and efficiently, avoiding being overstaffed and paying for hours you don’t need, or understaffed and not being able to support your customers when they need help.