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CUSTOMER SUPPORT on social media

Besides support on traditional support channels, such as phone, email and chat, 5CA offers social media support services to help your customers on social media. For many consumers, social has become the primary channel for reaching out to companies while only a minority of B2C companies offer customer support there. 5CA helps companies take their customer support social.

Social media support channels

Why Social Media?

Social media has become a prevalent customer support channel. So much so that currently, 70% of social media users expect brands to respond to their support inquiries on social.

Redirecting customers away from their chosen support channel is one of the worst service experiences possible, forcing them to interact in a form they didn’t choose. 5CA’s social media support services help you service a different type of customer that is not always willing to use traditional channels.

Due to its public nature, providing excellent social customer service allows you to showcase your responsiveness and personal approach. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools out there, and social customer support facilitates just that. Customers will rarely call you to tell you they are happy. The fact that they do on social media presents a unique opportunity to turn them into brand advocates.

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Complementing traditional support

Social is very different from traditional support channels, requiring a unique approach. But social – while perfectly capable of replacing other channels – really shines when it complements them.

Depending on your customer characteristics you may choose to use a combination of channels alongside each other. Integrating these channels is vital to delivering an excellent customer experience. Few things cause a more frustrating customer experience that forcing a customer to provide the same information multiple times. Being able to track them across channels goes a long way towards delighting your customers.

We recognize that social media support is its own specialty altogether. Our social media support services are carried out by community managers specifically selected based on the skills needed to provide excellent support on social.

Customer Experience Award badge 2016

Award winning service

5CA is proud to have received the Clarabridge Customer Experience Champion award for its social media support services for elevating the social customer experience to a top-tier business strategy at C3 2016.

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Our top of the market social media tool – CX Social – offers efficient workflows, advanced reporting, and total integration with other support systems and reporting dashboards.

social media support services

Integration with major social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and more

social customer service platform

Comments, replies & interactions managed from a single, cloud-based platform

zendesk integration

Integrated with Zendesk allowing customer tracking across channels

automated alerts

Automatic prioritization based on custom keywords

Adding value with data

In addition to being a support channel, social is also a great source of data about how your customers talk about your brand and your products. We provide extensive reports on the type of questions your customers have, how they feel about your products, and what content makes them tick, providing valueable input for you marketing strategies.

We understand it is important to measure our own performance. We provide our clients with recurring reports, not only on the performance of your social media channels but also on our own quality level. Some of our metrics include:

  • Number of incoming questions
  • Net sentiment of questions
  • Number of questions answered
  • Specific breakdown of the different types of incoming questions via tags
  • Percentage of first, second and third tier resolutions
  • Social media metrics of brand channels
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